Meet Dr. Mike and Dr. Mackenzie Cooledge:

The team behind "The Doctor's Take"

Loving couple and owners of Thrive Family Chiropractic in Dover, NH; Dr. Mike and Dr. Mackenzie Cooledge are Chiropractors who are dedicated to the education of their community. 

"We pride ourselves in our ability to empower our patients and their family members to make informed choices about their own health an wellness. We focus on preventative care, and do our best to stay up to date on the latest benefits of all alternative health care means".

Dr. Mackenzie Cooledge


"By remaining congruent with our true values of lifestyle and health care means, we are able to provide the best advice we can; which stems from our own personal experiences, as well as, scientific and proven research that can benefit the members of our community and their families".

Dr. Michael Cooledge

This Blog is strictly opinion based, and discusses current hot topics found in peer reviewed articles from like minded health resources.